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Human Capital and Social Capital (aka Human Resources) Consulting and Coaching

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Transform your human capital and social capital strategies with my comprehensive HR consulting and coaching services designed to drive the behaviors that drive performance. While I am qualified in all aspects of HR, I approach human resources from a complex systems perspective, recognizing the intricate interplay between people, processes, resources, technology, and systems. Most HR services are passe’, but my services are designed to optimize talent management, enhance employee engagement, and develop effective human and social capital policies that drive organizational performance. By aligning these strategies with your organizational goals, I help you build a workforce that is not only skilled but also deeply aligned with your mission and values. Make no mistake, this is where competitive advantage emerges, from the right blend of human and social capital.

Organizational Health and Organizational Transformation Consulting and Coaching

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Empower your organization to navigate and thrive in complex environments with my specialized consulting and coaching services. Drawing from a unique blend of complex systems science and Special Operations experience, I guide you through transformative processes that enhance organizational health. My approach is tailored to identify and strengthen the core aspects of your organization, ensuring resilience, adaptability, and sustained performance. Whether it’s through strategic planning, culture change, or leadership development, I’m committed to helping your organization evolve and excel.

Team Building and Resilience Retreats

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Strengthen the bonds and resilience of your teams with my bespoke team-building retreats. These retreats are more than just team-building exercises; they are transformative experiences designed to enhance collaboration, communication, and resilience. I create an environment where teams can explore and overcome challenges, fostering a culture of trust and mutual support. My retreats are tailored to your organization’s specific needs, ensuring a lasting impact on team dynamics and performance.

Leadership Keynotes and Workshops

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Inspire and educate your organization with my engaging leadership keynotes and workshops. Drawing from a rich background in complex systems and leadership under high-stakes conditions, my sessions are filled with insights and practical strategies. I cover a range of topics, from adaptive leadership in uncertain environments to fostering innovation and resilience. Each keynote and workshop is designed to leave a lasting impression, sparking new ideas and approaches to leadership within your organization.

Executive, Executive Team, and Management Team Coaching and Assessments

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Unlock the full potential of your leaders and teams with my executive and management coaching services. I provide personalized coaching and comprehensive assessments designed to foster leadership excellence at all levels. My coaching methodology integrates insights from complex adaptive systems, psychology, and extensive field experience, offering a unique perspective on leadership development. I focus on enhancing decision-making, communication, and strategic thinking skills, ensuring your leaders are equipped to drive success and inspire their teams.