About Verge

Shaping Complexity into Capability

Verge was founded for a single purpose:

To make a lasting, positive impact on the performance of our businesses and social institutions at the individual, team, and organizational level. That’s the mission. It’s that simple.

The Mission: Unleashing Potential

At Verge, my singular purpose is to transform complexity into capability, empowering individuals, teams, and organizations to reach their full potential. This journey, both rewarding and challenging, is at the heart of everything I do.

Understanding Complexity in Organizations

The concept of ‘complexity’ in organizational studies is often elusive, yet it’s a critical aspect of modern business dynamics. Complexity in this context refers to the intricate web of relationships, behaviors, and influences within an organization. It encompasses the following key elements:

Diverse and Interconnected Actors: Organizations are made up of individuals and teams with varied skills, backgrounds, and perspectives. Their interconnectedness means that changes or actions in one area can have ripple effects throughout the organization.

Adaptation and Evolution: Just as living organisms adapt to their environment, organizations must evolve in response to internal and external changes. This adaptability is crucial for long-term survival and success.

Emergent Patterns: Complexity gives rise to emergent patterns that are not always predictable. These can manifest as organizational culture, workflow processes, decision-making practices, and innovation capabilities.

Dual Nature of Complexity: These patterns can be beneficial, leading to innovative, high-performing cultures, or detrimental, resulting in toxic environments, flawed decision-making, missed opportunities, high turnover, and unhealthy conflict.

Navigating Complexity: Successfully navigating organizational complexity involves recognizing these patterns, understanding their origins, and learning how to influence them. It’s about balancing the diverse elements and interactions within the organization to foster a healthy, productive, and adaptable environment.

In essence, understanding and managing complexity in organizations is about harnessing the collective potential of its people and processes, turning what might seem chaotic into a strategic advantage.

Patterns of Complexity: From Traffic to Market Dynamics

Complexity is all around us, from the unpredictability of traffic to the fluctuations of markets. These emergent patterns, while broadly predictable, often surprise us with their specific details. In my approach, understanding these patterns is key to navigating and harnessing organizational complexity.

The SEAL Team Experience: Structure and Success

My time with the SEAL Teams taught me the importance of structure in achieving success against the odds. This principle holds true in organizations as well. By understanding and shaping the underlying structures of behavior, particularly in culture, we can guide teams to remarkable achievements.

Culture, Leadership, Strategy, and Performance: The CLaSP Framework

At Verge, I focus on the integrated patterns of behavior that drive success:

Culture: Emerges naturally from group interactions, shaping and being shaped by other organizational dynamics.

Leadership: Both formal and informal, shaping and steering the organizational narrative.

Strategy: The plan that emerges from understanding and leveraging the complexity within and around the organization.

Performance: The outcome of effectively managed and aligned organizational elements.

Stepping across the Verge: Embracing Discomfort for Growth

An old friend and mentor of mine in the SEAL Teams once told me, “Discomfort is where the change occurs.”

True transformation requires stepping into the unknown and uncomfortable. Often, the discomfort and the growth come from accepting something ubiquitous in Nature: Feedback. But crossing that ‘Verge’ is where innovation and growth occur. It’s a challenging journey, but one that reaps significant rewards. It’s where the magic happens. 

Join me on the Journey

At Verge, I don’t just provide insights and information; I partner with you on your journey of transformation. My approach combines hard-earned wisdom from the SEAL Teams with cutting-edge complexity science, offering a unique pathway to organizational excellence.

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