About Verge

Our purpose is your success.

Verge was founded for a single purpose:

To make a lasting, positive impact on the performance of our businesses and social institutions at the individual, team, and organizational level. That’s the mission. It’s that simple.

To do that, we blend the science of complex adaptive systems with the social sciences and coaching psychology. So it’s about diversity and change on the one hand, and then harnessing that diversity to overcome our inbuilt resistance to change on the other.

I’m often asked what the secret to our success was when I was in the SEAL Teams. That’s simple: It’s hard work and collaboration, mutual trust, respect, and care, peer-to-peer accountability, strong bonds of camaraderie, and all mixed with a liberal dose of humility. That’s the secret, if there is such a thing.

But getting to that point where those behaviors were ingrained, where they became steeped in our marrow, required one thing in particular that anyone who ever strives to succeed knows: There’s a door you have to walk through almost every day, and that door leads to a place that is not only uncertain, it’s downright uncomfortable at times.

On one side of the door, everything is bright and sunny and comfortable. Everything is known, certain. But on the other side of the door, it’s not so bright and sunny. It’s unknown, uncertain, uncomfortable. But that’s where the growth and the change and the discovery occurs. That’s where innovation happens.

You have to muster the courage to step across that threshold—the Verge—and into a place of transformation. It’s simple like I said, but it’s not easy. And it is uncomfortable—I guarantee you that. But, man, it’s rewarding to watch a team and an organization come together to make a difference.

We can show you how. We can take you there.

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