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Seals In Afg 1

It’s Not Just the Culture of Special Operations That Needs to Change

For all those asserting that the culture of Special Operations needs to change, I'd suggest that…

Innovation Team

Dominate or Innovate: Nature Offers a Model for Both

At a workshop this past week in Napa (rough, I know) with a group of high-performing CEOs, one of…

Verge Team Assessments

Initial Conditions: Your Onboarding and Integration Process

I remember one of my first classes at Oxford. I sat enthralled…

Verge Keynote

Shaping and Constructing Culture: aka Leading in Complexity

You’ve heard this before, I’m sure: “Changing culture is the…

Verge Reviews

A Simple Rules Strategy for Achieving Great Performances

As a US Navy SEAL, it took me almost 15 years of studying…

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