I just wanted to extend an additional thank you. As I mentioned at the end of today, I thought this workshop was incredibly beneficial, informative, and well worth my time. You provided tangible leadership skills that I will directly implement moving forward. Additionally, I appreciate the vulnerability you exhibited while talking through the lessons learned from your successes and mistakes in the past. I humbly ask that you continue to teach this workshop in the manner that it was taught this week. We need need more of this and less of the generic consulting courses that we are obligated to participate in right now. Consider me your advocate. I feel fortunate to have been able to partake.

Take care,

J (US Navy SEAL)


I thoroughly enjoyed Sunday evening’s presentation, but it was the one you gave on the boat the next morning which impacted me even more on personal and professional level. As I walk through some changes in my own life, I know the other side of my ‘door’ is tame  in comparison to what was on the other side of yours. But the analogy and your message was incredibly impactful.

Thank you again— for everything.

V.S. (Bank of America)

Mr. Cooper,


Thank you again for coming to Brandywine Heights to speak to our faculty and staff! I’ve heard nothing but excellent feedback on your visit, and my staff said they were “energized” by your leadership message.


Business Manager/Board Secretary

Brandywine Heights Area School District

You are a star!

S.W. (Lincoln Leadership Institute)

Dear Dave,

On behalf of all my colleagues at Holocene, thank you for a terrific talk today. Everyone was so impressed by your experience and wealth of advice. Your insights on leadership, teamwork, communication, discipline and respect were interesting and applicable to all. “Change only comes with some discomfort” particularly resonated with me, as well as your story about the uniform and “doing the right thing” (a motto I try to drill into my children’s’ brains). I hope my colleagues and I incorporate some of your ideas into our culture.

J.D. (Holocene Advisors LP)


Thank you for coming out and sharing your humility and leadership with my team. They have been on a “high” all week after being part of your excellent presentation. You were so incredibly impactful, and it means a lot to me and them.

Thanks again. I’m sure I’ll be in touch in the future.

S.E. (Centura Health)