I am very appreciative for the opportunity Dave and his team gave me to learn and heal over the past weekend in Breckenridge. The effort and enthusiastic attitude displayed inspired me to better myself both during the retreat and after. I consider myself a stereotypical southern, closed minded, mustache donning Marine. However, I felt something palpable shift during this retreat. I was a changed man after the resilience sessions. The sincere and caring demeanor displayed by the
Dave and his team throughout the weekend definitely facilitated a positive, transformational experience for myself and my teammates. Merging resilience skills, yoga, exercise, and energy sessions made for a unique and incredible experience that I’ve never before experienced.

S.Y. USMC Veteran

I was sitting in a cabin located in one of the most surreal environments I’ve been in,
with some of the greatest men I’ve had the pleasure of serving with. I felt extremely
welcomed and privileged to be in the company of the Dave and his team. The
professionalism, knowledge and sincerity that they brought with them made the
weekend what it was. Dave’s experience, confidence and knowledge made
the resiliency sessions easy to engage in and understand, which, in turn, made it practicable.

The time, energy and sacrifice Dave and his team made just to enhance my well being is
something I will forever be grateful for. If an opportunity like this presents itself to you, jump on it, seriously.  I left Colorado with a positive hangover, refreshed,
energized, and with a new perspective on life. Just as important, I left equipped with
new tools to deal with life and it’s continuous curveballs.

A.V. USMC Veteran

There comes a time when an individual has to take ownership of his or herself. When that time comes, a retreat like the one Dave and his team hosted is priceless. During the weekend, I had the opportunity to join a group of warriors that I will always have a bond with that many will never know. We laughed, cried, learned and volunteered. We made awesome memories. This opportunity was even more special because we had the privilege of spending time
with three heroes–Dave and his teammates–who sacrificed their time to support us. Wow!

So with that, I want to give them a big hug and a “Thank you.” I truly hope that other
teams will have the opportunity to share in magic of this retreat experience.

B.S. USMC Veteran

I used to say, “Team chemistry is a problem.” Now I say, “Team dynamics were a problem.” I changed my vernacular because Dave brought us together, a dysfunctional executive team, and tweaked the way we see each other and our relationships to one another. During the retreat, we surfaced some tough subjects, and things even got heated once or twice. Dave masterfully facilitated the discussions and managed the heat in the room. We left with a new understanding of each other’s positions and renewed energy to see our strategic plans to their completion.

P.P. (Grecian Delight)

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