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All organizations are complex, but not all organizations are intelligent. Intelligent organizations think creatively as well as critically, reason effectively, build realistic scenarios to tackle uncertainty and harness complexity, and commit to learning from their experiences. How intelligent is your organization?

Culture, Leadership, Strategy, Performance:

These are emergent qualities in any organization. Good or bad, they happen. But under the right conditions they can be made to flourish, and when that happens companies take off.

Getting it right is like strapping a rocket to the back of your company. Call it flow. Call it peak performance. Call it what you will. We call it Verge. It’s the doorway between the present and the future, the threshold that separates what was and what is from what can be. It’s a space that must be crossed, transcended even, to a place of real growth and discovery and creation.

We’ve been taught these last hundred years or so to believe that culture, leadership, strategy, and performance—not to mention our business functions themselves—are separate from each other. But they’re not. In high-performing organizations these threads are integrated, woven into a single, rich organizational narrative—the story of your team, your company. It’s your origin story, your mission story, the story of where you’re headed—your trajectory—all wrapped up into one compelling narrative. It’s the story your employees tell prospective new hires, and the story your clients tell about you. What do you want that story to be? We can help you re-write it, change it, shape it. We assess your organization’s health and give you a roadmap to creating a new narrative, a new trajectory that boosts resilience and performance at the individual, team, and organizational level.

The roadmap is only the start. Getting to the destination is the hard part. But it can also be the fun part. To do that, we partner with you by building a coaching relationship founded on trust, respect, and care to help you achieve your new goals, write your new story, and create value for your clients, your employees, and your shareholders. None of us can predict the impact our organizations—our stories—will have on the world. All we can do is our part. It takes courage. It takes compassion. And above all it takes action. We can guide you.

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