How Intelligent is your organization?

All organizations are complex, but not all organizations are intelligent. Intelligent organizations think creatively as well as critically, reason effectively, build realistic scenarios to tackle uncertainty, and commit to learning from their experiences.

Drawing from my unique journey from Navy SEAL to complex systems scientist, I help organizations harness their inherent complexity to model their environment and make better sense of it, explore a wider range of opportunities (the adjacent possible), and thrive amidst turbulence, uncertainty, novelty, and ambiguity.

As a change leader, I help organizations mold complexity into capability.

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Culture. Leadership. Strategy. Performance.

In my approach, Culture, Leadership, Strategy, and Performance (CLaSP) are not isolated elements but interconnected forces, like threads in a rich tapestry. I guide organizations to align these forces, creating an environment where success is not just a goal but an emergent property.

Getting personal and team dynamics right is like strapping a rocket to the back of you, your team, and your company. Call it flow. Call it peak performance. Call it what you will. I call it Verge. It’s the doorway between the present and the future, a pivotal threshold where potential transforms into performance, where present challenges evolve into future successes. Let's cross this threshold together.

My services are not just about organizational health coaching and consulting; they are about weaving a new narrative for your organization. A narrative that integrates culture, leadership, strategy, and performance (CLaSP) into a cohesive story of resilience and growth. Let's rewrite your organization's story together, building a roadmap for success that's as unique as your business.

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